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In the summer of 2015, Lea Spirit started out as a one-woman shop in Atlanta, GA. Taking a cue from decades in the fashion industry, Lea fused her lifelong passion for the power of raw, natural crystals and gemstones with her talent to create beautiful, timeless handmade jewelry. Even though the brand has blossomed Lea always stays true to her roots. She sources and hand picks every crystal and gemstone, and is personally involved in the creation of every piece, made to order, lovingly and delicately handcrafted by Lea herself in her workshop.


Natural crystals and gemstones can boost creativity, raise energy levels, uplift the spirit, and give an all-around improvement in mood and general well-being. My mission is to offer unique, customizable pieces with high personal meaning while sharing the inherent beauty and power of these stones. I absolutely love what I do, and it shows in my work. I truly believe my jewelry and the underlying meanings can make the world a better place. I sincerely hope my pieces inspire you, as they do with everyone around me. 


I strongly believe in contributing to the community, and the world we live in. From packaging to material sourcing to production every aspect of Lea Spirit is managed and  set up to minimize waste and increase positive engagement with the communities that we serve.

Style Your Spirit

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