Frequently Asked Questions

Sizing Details

How do I measure and what size should I order? 

It's simple!! Measure the circumference of your wrist (in inches) where the bracelet will rest and use that measurement to guide your selection at checkout. The bracelet should not need to be "stretched" or "flexed" to fit. If so, it's too small and requires adjustment. If the bracelet requires adjustment after delivery please consult me first. For really "tiny" wrists (closer to 5") please leave me a note at checkout.


Care instructions

How do I care for my new creation? 

First things first! Natural, untreated, and raw crystals and gemstones are very delicate. Always handle with care, like with any piece of fine jewelry. Keep dry and avoid extreme heat.

As long as the item was not intentionally neglected or mistreated, I am happy to repair an item within 30 days of the ship date. Beyond that, depending on the condition of the item I do offer repair services for a reasonable charge. Shipping charges to accommodate a repair are the responsibility of the customer.

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